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Why Yellow Lobster?

Yellow Lobster was co-founded in January 2019 by “Coggy and G” and NatureTex. Not satisfied with the golf head covers that Coggy found on the market, he felt empowered to create his own and share them with others. Inspired by his passion for golf and surf, he was able to design and hand make sustainable covers that reflect the practicality of golf supplies while also paying tribute to vintage surf culture. The original samples, handmade by Coggy himself, were cut from thrifted vintage sports jackets. They are now handmade in small batches in Irvine, CA.

A yellow lobster is considered to be very rare because only one is found out of every two or three million, and as a brand, we consider ourselves to be one of a kind. The name conveys a golfer's wish: to be equally stylistically unique, to have the "yellow lobster" of head covers. We strive to offer modern high quality products that convey a classic timeless feel. 

Yellow= a color symbolic of happiness and warmth 

Lob= reference to the lob shot

Ster= a person engaged in a particular activity or thing

Every golfer dreams of ripping the perfect drive down the middle of the fairway. But the shot Coggy and G aspired to hit was the lob shot. After seeing a professional golfer pop the ball up and onto the green, Coggy and his friends practiced for hours trying to perfect it. The memories of the fun they had practicing inspired the brand name. 

What are Vroots?

This word is ultimately the Yellow Lobster philosophy. 

V= peace, double, victory, good luck

Roots= the path from your origin to where you are now

That is why Vroots patches hold a lot of meaning. It’s up to YOU to set your foundation; have your own Vroots and have fun!

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Yellow Lobster Golf Head Covers currently come in the following three sizes:

Driver, Fairway Wood, & Hybrid

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